Crypto Mining

Mine Crypto on your PC in Five minutes

Were currently Mining with Alt Coins that are unmineable. Below you can learn how easy it is and start today.

This is the fastest way to get it mining. You can be mining within 5 minutes if you folow this guide. All free mining software and easy to set up.

How toMine Shibu Inu (Shib) 

You will Need an ethereum wallet address for erc20 tokens like SHIB. The app will ask you for you wallet address.

For mining Shiba Inu (Shib)  we just used our normal matamask public address.

Some tokens need specific wallet addresses.

To receive a discount on fee’s use this referral code : e2xq-stq9

Setting up your crypto miner

1) create a folder somewhere on a drive or even your desktop, just remember where it is, name it “MyMiner”.

2) You will be downloading unzipping and extracting all files to the folder you created.

3) Download a cryptominer:
We reccomend using PhoneixMiner located below:
This is for anyone running windows. Otherwise choose from the panel below that if your running a different operating system.

3a) Download and save the miner, then extract it to the “MyMiner” folder you created.
Search google playstore if you need a program to unzip files there are many free ones.

4) Download the unMineable app linked below, unzip and extract to the same folder you created “MyMiner”.

After Downloading and Extracting the files, we show you below how to start the app and give it the information it needs.
watch the video and you will be mining crypto within 5 minutes.

  1. Choose GPU, you want to have a moderate level video card we use a 1080ti.
  2. Direct the app to the PhoenixMiner.exe file.
  3. Choose the Coin you want to mine.
  4. Insert your wallet address.
  5. Insert valid referral code : e2xq-stq9
    This is our code it is the valid code you will need to get the discount, You will receive a referral code for your account to use for new miners you refer.
  6. Click Start! Your Mining! (You can click stats on the miner app and it will open a stats window as seen below.
  7. Windows will probably ask permission for PhoenixMiner to access the network click yes.
  8. Remember, mining software arise always flagged as virus files, so you may have to turn off your virus software or add it to allowed programs. Windows will usually remove it as soon as you download it unless you have everything off before you begin. This is normal you can search google for more information.

If you need more help there are more links and information below.