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How To Mine Monero

  • moneroMonero$130.443.95%

How to Mine Monero

You Can Mine Monero right here with your CPU Fast and Easy.

  1. Enter Monero Address (Visit Here to Get a Monero Wallet.)
  2. Name Worker ("worker" is default name and can be used) This does not affect monero mining.
  3. Choose how many threads your pc can use to mine. i5 and up can choose 10.
  4. Click Sumbit
  5. Click Start Mining) Whehn the Mining Console loads.

The First 60 Seconds Goes to Satoshinet and then allows you to mine for 6 More Minutes. You can restart the miner as many times as you like.

You can Check your stats by visiting the (Your info) Link in the mining console. The console will open after you click submit.

Mine Monero with your GPU

GPU Mining is much faster if you have a high end graphics card.
Follow these instructions if this is an option for you.

Cpu and GPU Mining

  • Visit Here Get an account.
  • Download the software depending on your pc setup.
  • Run the software and Mine using your cpu and gpu if available on your system.

We reccomend this option to get the highest amount of return on your time. And you will earn more crypto faster. We want you to maximize your mining effort and make as much as you can,

Current Monero Price

  • moneroMonero$130.443.95%
XMR Wallet Address:

Worker Name:

Important: When you mine a cryptocurrency without a Hi-End mining setup you will earn small amounts. But remember as the crypto prices rise the value of what you mine will grow as well.

Example: If you mine $1.00 of monero today. And the price continues to climb it could be worth much more in the future.

When BitCoin miners started they could mine a few bitcoins in a day. and Now they have thousands of dollars for their time.