Get Free BitCoin Guide

Get Free BitCoin Guide

How i Get Free BitCoin

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How i Get Free BitCoin

Get Free BitCoin Guide

How im Getting Free BitCoin Daily still in 2019

I have been on the search for free BitCoin for over 5 years. I read everything there is about it and Im going to share what I have learned. Let me begin by telling you that it is not hard, it just takes time and patience. Just like any job, if you learn how to do it, eventually you will figure out how to do it better and how to maximize the time you spend doing it. There are many ways to get free bitcoin. I have perfected a few ways and ill explain what I do.

Im sure if your reading this you are looking to make extra money. The clock is ticking because when bitcoin is worth millions, wich I believe will happen, you wont be able to find free bitcoin anywhere. So lets get at it. There are many faucet websites Like Cointiply Moon BitCoin and I generally have tested them all and the one I use daily to actually make a good living off of is and Ill show you exactly how in a minute.

Use a Few Different Sites

Cointiply seems useless to me because the games dont make sense and it pays very low winning for free rolls. There are sites that pay you to view ads etc and they rarely even let you cash out so you just waste time.

MoonBitCoin is ok but again it pays very little for the time you sit there waiting. The key to these sites is referrals. I have many web sites and thousands of referrals that make me money allday everyday but it has taken years to get them. You need websites and you need to promote links to get referrals. This takes time and you need to be a Search engine guru to even begin there. Most people are just sitting there with their pc thinlking how can i get free bitcoin. And ill show you how.

People think, why would you share the secret, and I will show you.  For the longest time I didnt. Ive been doing this for years now and I have made alot of bitcoin using my technique.. And I have shown many people. I have even streamed on twitch and Mixer showing people how to do it so now its time I wrote a guide and showed you how i do it live.

Before I show you the Freebitcoin technique, let me tell you a few other ways you need to try while your collecting. I dont do just one thing to get free bitcoin, i do everything that works.

How i Make Money Daily

Get the brave browser they pay you to view websites that pop up ads in the browser. I made $15 last month just keeping this browser open and clicking the ads while im on my pc. Its a little tricky getting the Unity account setup but it works and youll get paid.

If you have time. make youtube videos and put your links under the videos. But if you dont have interesting content that can be a waste of time, but it does work for me for getting referrals.

Here is the video below I started with 0.00.24 BTC wich today is $19.00usd See here . After 2 hours as you can watch, I had 0.823 with at the time im writing this is $80.19usd See Here . ( Remember the amounts will change as the bitcoin prise rises and drops) BitCoin was only $560 usd as the time but now its at $8000usd . So I quadrupled my bitcoin in 2 hours. I made the origional $19usd using the same technique. Let me explain what I do.

Get Free BitCoin Technique

This is simple,so watch the video and see how what im explaining works. Ill explain this for someone with just a few satoshis. 2000 or more.

  1. You leave the bet at 1 satoshi wich is the minimun
  2. I only click on Hi
  3. Keep Betting 1 until you lose 3 in a row.
  4. Bet 20 when you lose 3 in a row.
  5. if you win, go back to 1 satoshi as the bet. and begin again.
  6. if you lose again, bet 40
  7. again if you win go back to 1 satoshi and repeat.
  8. if you lose then bet 80. You will rarely lose more than 3 times after losing 3 timesinitially.
  9. Thats it just wait till three loses when betting 1 satoshi, then double loss bets until you wiln
  10. The more you have the more you can bet with after the three loses.

Watch me use this technique below.

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UPDATE - As of 6/25/2019 This Strategy  is still Working - Watch Below!


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