Basic – Attention – Tolken (BAT)

Basic – Attention – Tolken (BAT)


Basic - Attention - Tolken

What is a BAT or Basic - Attention - Tolken?


Basic Attention Tolkens have improved the relationship between creators and advertisers. This new tolken can be wxchanged between advertisers, publidhers and users. This tolken uses the Etherium blockchain.

THE CAT tolken can be used to get many different types of advertising and notice on the attantion based services on the BAT platform. This system is based on user attention to delivered content. They refer to this as focused mental engagement.

Blockchain Digital Advertising

Introducing a decentralized, transparent digital ad exchange based on Ethereum Blockchain.


Stage 1: Brave Browser

Brave is a fast, open source, privacy-focused browser that blocks malvertisements, trackers, and contains a ledger system that anonymously captures user attention to accurately reward publishers.

Stage 2: Basic Attention Token

The Basic Attention Token can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on the BAT platform, as it is exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users.

The token’s utility is derived from — or denominated by — user attention.

Attention is really just focused mental engagement — on an advertisement, in this case.

Stages 1 + 2 = A New Deal

The Brave browser knows where users spend their time, making it the perfect tool to calculate and reward publishers with BATs. This service creates a transparent and efficient Blockchain-based digital advertising market. Publishers receive more revenue because middlemen and fraud are reduced. Users opt-in to an inclusive and rewarding private ad experience. And advertisers get better data on their spending.

How It Works

The Brave browser anonymously monitors user attention, then rewards publishers accordingly with BATs.

Bat Diagram

Measuring Attention

Attention is measured as users view ads and content in the browser’s active tab in real time. The Attention Value for the ad will be calculated based on incremental duration and pixels in view in proportion to relevant content, prior to any direct engagement with the ad. We will define further anonymous cost-per-action models as the system develops.

Ads are then anonymously matched with customer interests using local machine learning algorithms. This means fewer irrelevant ads.

Brave will work with publishers and advertisers to establish best practices for judging user attention. One potential metric: the number of total views of advertising content for a certain number of seconds. Or, points assigned on the length of a view.

Who Gets What?

Users viewing ads will be rewarded with BATs. BATs can be used for premium content or services on the BAT platform.

Publishers will, as part of this service, receive the lion’s share of the total ad revenue. We anticipate that users will also donate back some tokens to publishers, further increasing their revenue.  

More Privacy, Less Fraud

We plan to mitigate possible ad fraud through the use of cryptography, better client-side integrity, and transparency achieved through open source.

Up and Running

Much of the infrastructure required to deploy BAT at the back end is up and running, meaning it’s currently in place and being used to distribute donations to publishers based on customer attention. Use it today in the Brave Browser for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Can i Earn money with BAT tolkens?

Yes, you can trade them for bitcoin and other coins. If you get a free Uphold account, it will exchange your bat automatically and deposit BitCoin wight into your wallet.

  • basic-attention-tokenBasic Attention Token$0.25082611.02%

Download the Brave Blockchain Browser and Begin Earning BAT tolkens Now! Content Creators can earn $5 usd worth of bat for referring users to download the Brave Browser!


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