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Satoshinet Cryptocurrency Price List

This website lists the price and capitalization info of 280 cryptocurrencies.

This Crypto Price List is used to give you the instant price information provided on multiple cryptocurrencies. We is a source of information for monitoring and comparing the changes and growth of all of the various cryptocurrency assets we have listed above.

Here you will find the current market price of these cryptocurrencies, the market cap, the current price multiplied by the supply and the Volume, which is the total trading volume of each coin across. This information is based on market fluctuation in the last 24 hours.

From exchange to exchange, prices might vary slightly depending on the specific market. Crypto price indexes will generally collect data from multiple exchanges. Satoshinet gets the most accurate price.

Crypto Exchange API

Cryptocurrency exchanges allow us to get trading data through open APIs (Application Programming Interface). This is how we collect the data and share it with our visitors.

An API enables our software to get and exchange data or messages in a standard format. Our software interacts with their applications, databases and devices to create a connection and deliver data.

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