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Moon BitCoin
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Faucet Name: Moon BitCoin
Claim Interval: 5 minutes
Short Business Description: Top rated faucer with a timer that allows you to collect free bitcoin every five minutes.
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What is Moon BitCoin?
Moon BitCoin is the main website for a top rated  bitcoin faucet. For people who are now familiar with what a bitcoin faucet is, it is a reward system that dispenses rewards in the form of Satoshis, where a Satoshi is a hundred-millionth BTC. Visitors would claim these rewards from the website or app operating the system by completing CAPTCHAs or tasks as described by the website or app.

Moon Bitcoin is completely free and runs on ads, therefore visitors that want to use the reward system are not allowed to use adblocks as ads and visitors traffic are the main contributors to the website’s economy.

Moon Bitcoin : How does it work ?

First, you need to sign up with a bitcoin or a CoinPot email address, depending on which wallet you want your rewards to be withdrawn from. Then, there will be a gauge that will be filled up, where the amount filled corresponds to the amount of rewards that you will receive. The speed at which the gauge fills up depends on how full the gauge is. As the gauge fills up, the speed will decrease, thus it is better to claim rewards from Moon Bitcoin regularly instead of claiming it after some time.

Speaking of claiming rates, Moon Bitcoin is one of the few websites that does not limit the claiming rate of rewards and allows you to claim your rewards as frequent as five minutes per claim. However, how much you can claim at a certain time depends on how full your gauge is filled and additional bonuses you have obtained through tasks.

Free BitCoin Bonuses

There are five different bonuses offered by Moon Bitcoin, namely daily loyalty bonus, referral bonus, offer bonus, mystery bonus and mining bonus.

The daily loyalty bonus is a percentage bonus given to you for every consecutive day that you make at least one faucet claim. This bonus increases by 1% per day, up to a maximum of 100%, which means your faucet claim will be doubled. However, it will be reset back to 0% if you miss a single day, which can be quite punishing. Do take note that the Moon Bitcoin uses UTC dates and times to determine the days that you have made claims, so you might want to make sure when you should claim your rewards.
Referral Bonus
The referral bonus is a bonus a lot of people are familiar with and is the most rewarding bonus out of all five bonuses offered. For each active referral that you have, you get a 1% bonus added to each of your claim, up to a maximum of 100%. A referral is considered active if he or she has made a claim in the previous 72 hours. Additionally, you also receive 50% lifetime commission on all your referrals’ claims. This is a considerably huge amount if you can refer 100 people to join. This 50% commission will be paid instantly to your wallet account.
Offer Bonus
The offer bonus is a bonus given to you when you complete any offers or surveys from the Moon Bitcoin’s  offerwalls. You will obtain a certain amount of rewards after the completions of any of these offers. There is also a 30-day 5% bonus added to your faucet claims. This percentage bonus is additive up to 100%.

The mystery bonus is a bonus based completely on RNG (Random Number Generator), or better known as luck. For each faucet claim, you will get a random percentage of bonus added to it, ranging up to 100%. This is just an extra bonus given without you having to really do anything.
Mining Bonus
The last bonus is the mining bonus, which may be confusing to most people. The mining bonus is an optional bonus offered by Moon Bitcoin if you are willing to sacrifice your device’s hashing power for more rewards. When you leave Moon Bitcoin open and ticking an option called ‘Run mining bonus’. The website increases your device’s CPU usage by 10-80%. This can down your device to increase your rewards. This bonus, like any other bonus, can be added up to 100%, depending on how much your device has contributed to the website.

In conclusion, you can get up to more than 500% bonus added to your faucet claims if you are willing to put in the effort.

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