Free Doge Coin

Free Doge Coin
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Faucet Image
Faucet Address: FreeDogeCoin
Faucet Name: Free Doge Coin
Claim Interval: 60 Minutes
Short Business Description: The Best highest paying DofeCoin Faucet
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Free Doge coin


With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, more and more people are attracted to the crypto industry. If you are looking for legitimate ways to earn free bitcoin  or If you’re not ready to buy Bitcoin with fiat currency or then this review post is for you.

At present, one of the top bitcoin earning site hitting my ears is is getting a lot of Buzz on the internet. Moreover, it is making the rounds on social media as well.

I have collected all the details of with complete research.

Let’s get Started.
What is Free doge co in? was established in 2013 with headquarters in Belize. The platform allows you to earn free dogecoin cryptocurrency. It is the largest dogecoin faucet with more than 7,000,000 doge claimed every day. Moreover, the platform is quite similar to FreeBitcoin where you can earn free BTC.
How Free Doge coin works ?
The registration in this site is very simple, You need to provide a valid email address, password, and your dogecoin address. Once your account is created, you can now log in to your account and start earning free dogecoin.

Free doge coin provides multiple ways on how you can earn free dogecoin.
Roll Dice
You can earn free dogecoin by clicking on the roll button and completing the captcha. Basically, you can claim free dogecoin every 60 minutes.

Initially, when you tap on “ROLL” button you get a completely random number. Further, based on that number you will earn more or less dogecoin depending on the payout table.

However, the payout will alter accordingly on the current price of dogecoin.

For instance, if you get number ‘10000’ you will earn the highest amount for each roll which is $150 worth of dogecoins. Additionally, the platform also includes an option to play the sound whenever the timer runs out. By enabling this feature, you get notified to roll the button again.
Multiply Doge

This ‘Hi-Lo’ game where you can multiply your dogecoins up to 4750 times. The process of the game is to choose ‘HI’ if you think the rolled number will be higher than the given number or ‘LO’ for the lower number.

Always remember that higher the ‘win chance’ lower the payout and lower the ‘win chance’ higher the payout.

Besides this, on the right side of the page, you can choose to add more bets to enable the jackpot. The rule is simple, if you roll the number ‘8888’ then you win the prize based on the amount selected.
You will find your referral link with which you can refer your friends or colleagues to participate in FreeDogecoin.

You can earn  50% commission from all the DOGE that your referrals participate. Consequently, if your referral has won 100 DOGE, you get 50 DOGE for that. Thereupon, if you get only 2 active referrals, you will be earning twice than you earn working alone. Furthermore, you are given a banner so you can promote the website with your referral link.

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