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Creators Earn Approximately $5 USD Worth of Promotional BAT for Each Active User They Bring to the Brave Browser

Brave Software, which is combining an innovative browser with a block chain based digital advertising platform announced today that it is launching an up to Million Dollar referral program. This program is to reward online publishers and YouTube creators. Brave will contribute promotional Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to creators who get their fans to switch to the Brave browser. Brave is a faster, more private browser that also provides a built-in method of supporting content creators. Creators will earn BAT worth approximately $5 USD for each active user they bring to Brave.


Secure and Ad Free

Brave Browser

This browser is faster than any other. This is a block chain based browser which provides a -based token solution for rewarding your favorite publishers.makes it safe and ad-free. Brave protects your privacy, blocks any tracking software's, and shields against malware and other threats. This browser pays you for watching adds ans keeps your internet browsing secure. It easily imports all of your settings bookmarks and passwords so you don't lose anything when you make it your default browser.


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Brave Security

Learn more about the Brave Browser of the future. This browser will streamline your internet drowsing with a fast secure solution. Other browsers sneak add on you but this browser only gives you ads that you get paid for. Or you can opt out and get no ads at all. Leave the old browsers in the past with the new browser of the future.

Earn $5 For Downloads.

Brave Browser Info

Watch even more information about this revolutionary Browser. The developers have gone all the way to ensure you will be a Brave user for life. No other browser has the added security and features this Browser. Become a creator and earn up $5 for every creator that downloads and uses this software.